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Hi! My name Lauren Bramhall and am currently based out of Dallas, Texas. My love for jewelry has transformed over the years, as I recently started experimenting with making jewelry in 2015. I soon found out that I LOVE making things with my hands! My main focus is handmade silver and leather goods. Such as, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I incorporate natural materials into my jewelry, like raw stones, deer antler tips, crystals, and many more unique findings. Not one creation of mine is the same, as they are handmade with character and love!

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to tie together; make fast or tight 

to unite or hold, as by a feeling of loyalty or love 




to put to use : apply 

to give or present as a gift often with on or upon 


Bind and Bestow is... 

Repurposing materials from the earth and the animals that roam it.  


Creating a piece of wearable art that was once rock or mineral imbedded in the earth, and eventually forming and manipulating the raw, hard, cold materials. Ultimately achieving something that others can bind and bestow around the wrist, finger or neck. 

Enabling others to connect with the constructed materials for any and every reason of their own. This motivates me to continue to push my designs and continually strive for more.  

Inspired by all the different chapters of my life. From the amazing works of art already out in the world, to the nature that surrounds me and to the people that I love.  


Striving to create natural pieces while living life with the purest intentions. Relaying that through wearable sculptures that others like to call jewelry.  

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